Thursday, August 6, 2009

modern medicine: parte dos.

i am happy today. mostly because i have something big to look forward to tomorrow: surgery. why would anyone be happy about surgery?, one might ask. well, though incredibly painful, this surgery is supposed to be the start of my ultimate recovery. huzzah! i'm hoping for the best.
in other news, i became acquainted with another lovely band, she & him. can i just tell you how much i adore zooey deschanel?
p.s. don't mind the slight (okay, more like severe) morbidity of the video-- just enjoy the music!
happy wednesday to you all!

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Brita said...

i just recently became acquainted with she and him too! love their music! also i am so in love with zooey deschanel. I want to be her. We must see 500 days of Summer when we are together again.