Thursday, November 12, 2009

freaky fashion.

i'm no fashionista, but i just read an article about the retail item that is supposed to "save" the holiday season... and to me, it just appears utterly absurd.
the "snood." i find these equally as classy as the snuggie, no matter how high-fashion they supposedly are. does anyone agree with me on this one?
some trends should just quit while they're ahead.

other than this little oddity, my wednesday has been quite decently-filled with genetics, gilmore girls, eighth-grade science projects with my argentine amigos, kick-boxing enrichment, and now some sleep!
hope your wednesday was wonderful!


Madeleine Gleave said...

oh my goodness i read this the other day and i died. i told my mom about it and she was like.. "oh yeah, i remember those. they should have stayed in the 80's."
she also told me that a snood is ACTUALLY technically a hair-net thing from the forties that women would pin to their hair and let it hang inside the snood, like a meshy basket. go figure.

Heidi said...

Um, sick. I just about threw up looking at this picture. Who wants to wear something named a "snood" anyway?!!