Wednesday, November 4, 2009

i am rory gilmore.

have you ever watched a tv show or read a book and realized how similar you are to one of the characters?
well, i've been on another "gilmore girls" obsession streak lately, and the correlation between my current situation and the situation that faced rory at the time was startling.
rory was a mess.
i was a mess.
rory was distraught because she had to drop a class at yale.
i was distraught for the exact same reason (minus the yale part.)
rory felt like a total failure, unable to go on.
i felt the same way.

when watching her go through this time of distress, i found myself thinking she was a little silly. i mean, what's the big deal of having to drop out of a few credits? but then i laughed at myself, realizing that i was her, except i handled the situation far worse.

thank goodness for mothers (whether fictional or real) who can help us perfectionists out in times of our "failures."

in other news,
-the weather has been beautiful. i can't express the joy derived from the concept of sixty-degree weather in november.
thank you, mr. sun!
-i have fallen back into my habit from freshman year of rolling out of bed and going to class in sweats, only to return for a mid-morning nap. it does wonders for this little illness of mine.
- happy birthday to one of my favorite missionaries... and huzzah for being out for five months!
see you soon, old pal!

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