Wednesday, November 4, 2009


today, i was reminded of the joy that can be felt through serving others. for the last two weeks, i have been visiting with the kindest argentine family and helping the kids with homework. they are such a giving family (and fed us delicious argentine food.) just being around them and learning of their culture is such an incredible experience, and i can tell that they appreciate my efforts in helping them. they are helping teach me spanish, and i help them with their english. after volunteering with them today, i was elated. i seriously couldn't stop smiling. i forgot all about my illnesses, my stress, and my troubles, and that rarely happens these days.
i am convinced that serving others can bring more happiness to ones' life than nearly any other activity... and this is part of the reason becoming a doctor is so appealing to me. i am grateful for the chance i have to work with these people, and i am thankful for the chance i have to serve; it is something to look forward to each wednesday!

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