Wednesday, March 24, 2010

march madness.

last night, a little blizzard of sorts hit denver.
when i woke up yesterday, it was sunny and warm. eight hours later, there were two feet of snow on the ground.
here's a little bit of proof:
it was march madness at its finest.
this blizzard brought unimaginable amounts of joy to all school-aged children all around jefferson county in the form of a snow day.
taking advantage of the day free of school, my cute little neighbors came over, and we baked a crazy little "march madness" cake.
the inside of the cake was nuggets' colors: blue and yellow. they're big nuggets fans; so am i.
and the outside honored all of the excitement of big dance.
it was an enjoyable afternoon
on an another note, snow wasn't the only thing that fell to the ground today.
pants on the ground, round 98298320, anyone?
oh march, keep on being wacky.

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