Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my nutty diet continues?

so, i know you all have been dying to hear how the re-introduction of so many glorious foods has changed my life.
and i know that i built up so much hype concerning my day of liberation (last thursday).
but i must admit, my trip back to the doctor was incredibly... anti-climatic.
it turns out, they want me on an even stricter diet for another 9-11 weeks.
the problem, you see, is that i never felt better at all while on the initial evil diet, so why on earth would i willingly agree to evil diet stage 2?
and shortly thereafter, my flame of love with sugar/corn/soy was re-kindled.

though i do believe that mrs. doctor lady did have some validity to her points, so i haven't gone too overboard on the aforementioned ingredients.
aaaand i do gulp down a "medical shake" every day that has the smell, taste, and consistency of rotten clay.
so don't get me wrong, i still want to be healthy.

but i also want to be european.
europeans eat nutella for breakfast. and stay skinny.
my european (and sugar-toothian) aspirations woke up with me this morning.
i busted out the cherished nutella that i swiped from our hotel breakfast in füssen, germany and felt very much authentic.
a gluten-free waffle never tasted so good.

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