Saturday, May 29, 2010

getting a little picky.

so by my age, most girls have developed a list of some form of qualities that they're seeking in a potential husband. now don't get me wrong, i cherish the "intelligent, handsome, athletic, loving, kind" qualities just as much as the next girl.

but there are a few things on this planet that i absolutely abhor. and i feel as if any future cohabitation of mine will be doomed from the start if my husband cares for any of these certain items.

call me shallow, but i think i will struggle to form any lasting, romantic relationship with anyone who loves the following:

1. the lakers. the university of north carolina. the dodgers.
2. mayonnaise, or any mayonnaise enriched foods for that matter (think chicken salad, cole slaw, vomit).
3. hunting... taxidermy...
4. cats (okay, so i don't hate cats... i just don't tolerate them very well).
5. guns/war... i am all about the peace.
6. george w. bush (once again, i don't abhor him. just don't care for him... at all).
7. miley cyrus (see anecdote #6).
8. ridiculously large egos.

yes, my choice of man is truly peculiar.

is there a boy out there who hates all of these things as much as i do? surprisingly, yes there is.
and i've been lucky enough to find him! i guess i better keep him close. or learn to like mayonnaise....

please note: i do note hate YOU if you love any of the above. i just might not choose to marry you. i hope that's okay :) this post was not meant to offend by any fact, many of my close friends and family members are big fans of some of these goodies, and i do love them quite a lot. i just wanted to share one of my quirky little secrets/warn any potential future lovers.

these thoughts were sparked by the one-and-only evil, mr. bryant, and his insane gloating out on the court today.... boo you, kobe. boo.


Joscelyn Gleave said...

oh anna.. I love you hahaha. but i think you are going to find him.. (or you already have ;)

Elise said...


Madeleine Gleave said...

haha mayonnaise? THAT's your dealbreaker?
seems like you should have dumped me, and half your family, by now ;)