Wednesday, May 26, 2010

would i rather...?

be here
with these lovely ladies
feeling this happy
than be here studying my tush off for a final?

okay, i admit.. i don't know why i thought this was relevant, but i kind of just needed an excuse to show off some of my beach pics (not taken by nikita, mind you).

i am sorry that i have been a terrible blogger as of late (or always...)
i have been quite busy as of late:
lots of photo shoots & the consequent photoshopping
lots of scholastic-ing
lots of sending next-door-neighbor kiddos off to school
lots of chats & coconut milk ice cream

life just keeps on rollin'.

on another note, do you understand how ecstatic i am that it is blueberry season?


Madeleine Gleave said...

ay! i made some coconut milk ice cream once for a bio project (admittedly it was very, VERY scientifically sketch. more like a late-term excuse to make and more imporantly EAT ice cream.) but it's waay yummy, no?

Madeleine Gleave said...

oh! and i am OBSESSED with blueberries.
esp. on ice cream.