Monday, May 10, 2010

a tribute.

so, as many of you know, i love gilmore girls.
oft times, i think to myself, "man, what a fun mother/daughter combination. i wish that i could have that amazing friendship with my mom going on."
after about .12093 seconds, i then remember, "oh wait....I ALREADY DO!"

my mom is the best mom that i could ever ask for.
she is such a strong, beautiful woman who has taught me so much.
she makes me smile, she has helped me through the rough patches of my life, and she is a constant source of support and my #1 fan.

i love our movie nights, our shopping adventures, all of our chats, and our gilmore girl marathons (of course).
and i know that the hardest part about moving back to school in the fall will be leaving her and my dad.
i am oh so lucky to have them in my life.

happy mothers' day, madre! i love you.

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sjg said...

Wowzer!! Thanks--xoxoxo mom