Thursday, June 17, 2010

i love my job.

ah... what a lucky girl i am!
i just booked a wedding here, for the end of july!
yes, that's right... i'm headed out to WASHINGTON D.C. to shoot a wedding, & i am beyond excited!
we do have a bit of down time on our little excursion out east, so does anyone have any (inexpensive) suggestion for things to do in DC?


Tamera said...

How exciting!! I was just out in DC. I highly recommend going to the Air & Space Museum and Arlington Cemetery. All the museums are free (for the most part). Take a boat ride on the Potomac. The Kennedy Center has a free concert every night. Annapolis is a fun city to visit.
There's a restaurant my brother took me to that I liked called Nando's in Chinatown.
The Temple and grounds are beautiful!!

Brita said...

Anna girl, I'm so jealous. What a great adventure! My recommendation: the Spy Museum!