Sunday, June 20, 2010

para ti, mi padre.

i truly believe that i have the best father in the world.
ten reasons why no one else could be as perfect of a father for me as he is:

1. he is incredibly kind, thoughtful, and loving.
2. he shares my obsession with the ocean.
3. he will always eat mexican food with me. always.
4. he dropped everything and flew out to utah the day he found out i was in the hospital, just like that.
5. we can hate on the lakers together... often.
6. he holds the priesthood and uses it to bless our home.
7. he is the only person who will listen to a whole maná album with me and be excited about it.
8. he is extremely hard working (and brilliant), but he is the most humble man i know.
9. he is full of support and encouragement for me and our family.
10. he always stays up late with me, working on projects and talking.
11. he is an amazing example of patience and service & is always sacrificing for others.

okay, well, maybe i made myself stop at number eleven... because i could go on and on. seriously, he's one good man. and i am so lucky to call him my father.

feliz día del padres, faj! te quiero mucho.

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