Monday, June 21, 2010


this weekend was fairly dramatic at the gleave house.
at roughly 1:00 a.m. on friday night, i was beckoned by my father to come help him.
i found it a bit odd that he needed help at such an hour, but my car had just broken down, so i thought he had a question about that, or something.
but when the words "jakey's really hurt" were spoken, my heart sunk.
i ran downstairs to find drops of blood all over the hard wood and a very, very sad dog in my dad's arms.
jacoba had stopped in front of my dad as he was going down the stairs, and he stepped on his tail.
so we rushed him to the doggy ER, where we found out that he had a fractured tail.
the vet showed me where the tail was broken (you could see the nerves and everything) and said that his tail would have to be partially amputated.
so we left a very nervous pooch at the vet around 3 a.m. and crossed our fingers for the best.

jacoba came home the next morning, very delirious (he stumbled around like a drunk person, running into everything with his cone), and we spent the rest of the weekend pampering the little doggie.
his tail is considerably shorter... named ever-so-endearingly his "stump" or "nub".
and it is especially adorable when he wags it straight up in the air.
nonetheless, little stumpy is in a lot of pain still.
poor lil' fella.

i am just happy he's okay... and am hoping for a speedy, canine recovery!

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