Sunday, November 21, 2010


regina spektor always makes the onset winter just a little bit more okay for me.

this overload of pre-thanksgiving pop christmas music is a little too much to handle, however.

today i shot a beautiful wedding.

though it was forty-something degrees, the sun was a'shining. huzzzah, colorado!

i would post pictures as evidence of this wedding, but after editing 920813 billion photos already tonight, my (pink) eyes just might pop out.
[stay tuned]

the gap is really, really great. especially when you have special sale cards and a super cute mama. really.

have you ever seen a hot cocoa bar? well, i experienced one tonight, aaaand it was delish.

two biig byu sports team blowouts today. holller.

i probably should hibernate for at least 18 hours after today.

so until tomorrow... happy pre-winter. and happy saturday night.

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