Saturday, November 20, 2010


aaaaand i'm back.
in coloRADo.
it feels so, so good.

beth & i randomly were on the same eight o'clock flight to denver.
the flight was pretty empty,
so we got to sit together, catch up on life, and discuss our business plans.
life is so great like that sometimes.

i have so much to look forward to this week:
lots of fun family time,
a huuuge amount of school catch-up (wooo chem),
and a couple of exciting jobs lined up.

in anticipation of all of my fun jobs this week, i'll post one of my favorite photos that i've ever shot:
o phaya3

what is your weekend filled with?

1 comment:

michal said...

isn't that phaya or whatever? that kid is kinda weird haha. that's a sweet shot though, girl!