Thursday, November 18, 2010


i hung out with my parents, who had flown into town for the evening (they're the best!)
i went to the byu vs. usu basketball game.
i wrote a letter.
i had a really, really hard time focusing in chemistry and in spanish.
i was indeed very tired.
i had pink eye (and thus, wore my glasses all day).
i was very thankful for my friends.
i ate cafe rio's delicious sweet pork.
i did very little homework.
i felt quite sad that my tonsils hurt so much.
i booked another little shoot.
i was happy that it wasn't too horribly cold out.
i dozed off a little.

i'm now looking forward to tomorrow.
my cubana finally comes to visit utah!

it's kinda cool that life is full of tomorrows, you know?
it's a chance for all of the negatives maybe leave me alone, for a sec.

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