Sunday, January 9, 2011

cutest couple contest winners!

so i am back home in provo-- still in a lot of pain, but improving overall.
and since i've finally turned the corner and am starting to feel a bit better, i'm able to get some more work done.
so i think it's about time to announce anna gleave photography and bethany campbell films' winter 2010 cutest couple contest winners!

scott & kaylee
scotty was one of my best friends in high school, so i was thrilled when he asked his darling high school sweetheart to marry him! these two come from large families and a supportive community, and they worked hard to get the votes to win.
o scottkaylee

o scottkaylee0842

o scottkaylee2083

o scottkaylee16

o scottkaylee41

o scottkaylee1482

o scottkaylee888

o scottkaylee6

scotty and kaylee chose jack johnson's "better together". i was a little nervous with this selection because this is one of my favorite songs of all time.. they had a lot to live up to. but after beth and i spent the afternoon with these two, it was clear that life with scott & kaylee really is better together. such a sweet little film, no?

Scott + Kaylee Engagement from Bethany Campbell [] on Vimeo.

thanks for all who participated! check back for another contest coming up this spring!

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