Friday, January 14, 2011

an update.

so, i've been pretty absent, as of late.
i know, i know, you're probably thinking to yourselves, "what else is new?"
welll... this time, i've got a pretty legit excuse.
this surgery has left me a little bit messed up... the recovery process is a lot more difficult than i had expected, physically and emotionally speaking.
i'm trying to start a new semester of school (after missing the first two weeks of it), finish up some long-overdo work, while getting enough hours of sleep in (literally twelve at minimum) and resting enough. i'm not trying to make this a pity party at all, merely an explanation of where i've been.
i know i'd be far worse off without the constant encouraging texts from my parents and the support from my friends and family, so... thank you.

i'll be back... soon... with cool stuff to share with you all! i promise.

until then, here's proof that i'm alive
[and trying to smile through it...]

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