Wednesday, January 26, 2011

fredette fever.

so here in provo, winters would be unbearably bleak, if it weren't for one thing...
mr. jimmer fredette is the new (okay, not so new) campus craze, so much so that it now takes hours to get a guaranteed seat in the student section... and that's the day before the game.
the student section is always jam packed and reminiscent of a duke-type scenario, and the campouts to get good seats are really common occurrences these days.
some boys even brave the utah cold to camp out every night through the season to ensure perfect seats for each home game!
so why does byu deserve this fan base? wellll, they're ranked #9.

and they've got a chance to move up tomorrow when they play #4 sdsu... big game!

i love going to the games with the crew because a) the environment is so much fun and b) they hand out free xl tees!

huzzah for basketball season!


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