Saturday, January 22, 2011

fiesta, forever.

so tonight we mixed things up a bit and had a little fiesta of sorts.
i called up the hermano and his bff, they grabbed some friends, and we collaborated for a dinner party!
and i must say, era padre (look that up on google translate, si quieres).

we made lauren's mom's famous cafe rio chicken and paired it with all of those good mexican-type toppings.
annnnd we devoured it preetty nicely.
then, we were provided with some decadent (or so i heard) spice cake with cream cheese frosting and gluten-free brownies (for me!) for dessert by the lovely curtis sisters.

we chatted, made new friends, and watched the BYU vs. CSU game.
we even pulled out amanda's swedish bubbly for the occasion!

unfortunately, i pulled out my camera long after the festivities (and feasting) had begun, but i still ended up with a few decent shots from the evening...

delicious, and so easy to make, especially for a larger crowd... here's lauren's recipe!

i'd say it was certainly a successful saturday night... what do you think?

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Elise said...

i get so jealous. looks like you are doing well annie. love youuu