Friday, January 21, 2011

i simply remember my favorite things...


anna's favorite things, winter edition.

so, here's the thing. i really, really hate winter.
i'm a summer sunshine kind of girl, 99.93827% of the time.
but growing up in colorado (and currently residing in utah) has forced me to cope with the long, frigid winters.
and over the years, i've picked up a few friends along the way. hence, anna's favorite things (or maybe more appropriately, what keeps me sane during the wintertime):

1. nestle hot cocoa: now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing like homemade cocoa, or 7 eleven hot cocoa for that matter... but really, who has the time (or the funds) for that every day? in the winter, cocoa is my staple sweet treat; it always warms me up, and it makes my belly reaaallly happy. the folks at nestle make it right... mini marshmallows provided, and a whole box is only a little over a dollar. mmmmm, delish!

2. cetaphil moisturizing cream: i use this stuff year round, but it is particularly lovely in the winter time, when dry skin can become unbearable (especially up high in the rocky mountains...) it's so thick and smooth-- just what my skin needs after a nice long shower.

3. basa body stick: again, i use this year round, but i find myself reaching for it more often in the winter time. it's incredibly functional, smells delicious (like coconuts!), and doesn't leave your hands greasy. plus, part of the money earned from the product goes to women in africa who farm the coconuts... cool, no?

4. aquaphor: another year-round best friend becomes even closer of a friend to me in the winter time, again due to the whole dryness situation. this is the best lip gloss any girl could ever use, and it keeps your lips smiling and crack-free!

5. scottish scarves: all right, so my scarves are infinitely more attractive than this one (mine are cool and woven), but you get the picture. those scots really know what they're doing when it comes to lamb's wool. i'm a little bit obsessed with one of my scarves in particular, but it keeps me 58 times warmer, and i always get loads of compliments on it! plus, it reminds me of my excellent adventures in edinburgh (my favorite place in the uk, in case you were wondering...)

6. bionaire humidifier: this cool-mist humidifier runs in my bedroom day and night; i can't tell you how much it helps with the dryness of the air. with all of my past sinus and throat problems, i automatically notice when i've forgotten to fill up my humidifier the night before. let's just say, it's not pretty. if you get sick often, try a humidifier... it will make your body happy.

welll, there you have it! some of my favorite winter things, or the things that are currently keeping me sane, at least...

maybe i should go into advertising? or just become oprah.

what makes you happy in the winter time?

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