Friday, February 18, 2011

forty four.

thinkings during my MRI yesterday:
(keep in mind, i am twenty years old. and this wasn't my first MRI)

1. woooah, spaceship.
2. 1,2,3...blastoff!
3. i wish i could go to space mountain right now. that would be way more fun.
4. i'm glad they gave me two blankets.
5. nap time!!!
6. it's impossible to nap with all of this clicking and robot noise.
7. maybe i'll just count the clicks.... 1,2,3,4,5...
8. 1,2,3,4.. tell me that you love me more
9. this one sounds like mario.
10. i wish i could hang out with mario.
11. i am so tired
12. i should've taken my ponytail out prior to this procedure.
13. i wonder why they have a mirror for your eyes.
14. my legs are already falling asleep. not a good sign.
15. i'm getting that sleepy feeling in my mouth.
16. "how are you doing? this will be a five minute scan." "okay." ... what else am i supposed to say?
17. yep, still feel like i'm in a spaceship.
18. it would be a lot cooler if i were actually in space.
19. this is the longest five minutes of my life.
20. did she just say ten minutes, or two minutes?
21. i think my hair tie is stabbing a hole in the back of my head.
22. namaste.
23. every cat scan machine costs 1 million dollars. 10 points for being a public health major.
24. machine guns are definitely going off right now. definitely.
25. it's like, one of those big battles from star wars.
26. i am so tired.
27. get me out of here!
28. i think i just moved my face. probably just ruined the whole scan. maybe ruined my life.
29. some people think this sounds like music? i think it sounds like a reallly depressed robot.
30. there are weird amounts of sunlight in this room.
31. i really need to buy frankenstein for class.
32. maybe i just dozed off for a sec?
33. this hair tie will be the death of me.
34. yes....they're taking me out of the machine! oh no, here comes the needle.
35. what do you mean, you don't know if the dye is going into my veins?
36. please stop pinching my arms and asking if that hurts...
37. supervisor lady, i really don't want you to stick my other arm. just get me out of this scan.
38. wooo... back to the mothercraft!
39. this iv actually doesn't hurt too badly.
40. only ten more minutes.
41. i think i can, i think i can, i think i can....
42. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.....156.
43. be gone, hair tie.
44. it's oooover! see ya later, MRI place!

so, next time your doc prescribes you an MRI... just take tips from this little list! make a game out of it/bring out every inner-child aspect of personality you possess, and maybe the process won't be quite as painful?

but really, there's no guarantees.

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