Thursday, February 17, 2011

february birthdays, part three.

so the month-long, february birthday bash continued as we celebrated two of my closest friends from my freshman year's birthdays last week!
we decided to hit up the infamous pizza pie cafe (what's better than an endless supply of carbohydrates?) para celebrar and catch up!

though it had been a few months since i had seen each of them, i was reminded of what strong friendships we've formed because we were able to fall right back into old conversations and catch up instantly.
it is pretty amazing to see where all of our lives have taken us in two short years... two years ago, we celebrated emily's 19th birthday in the e.r. after some silly, immature adventuring, and this year, we spent her 21st birthday party discussing graduations, summer internships, marriages, etc... ay yi yi!
i'm so lucky to have such great friends en mi vida.
and to michal & brita-- we missed you! only a few more girls, and we would've completed the crew!

and on a (somewhat) unrelated note, the pizza pie cafe makes delish gluten-free pizzas... just pay the normal buffet price, and you can ask them to bake you whatever kind of pizza you want! they'll even make you two (probably three)... i make it my once-a-month binge and go all out. it's the cheapest--while still maintaining good quality-- gf pizza i've found, anywhere! you don't believe it's good? that picture above... yeah, it's gluten-free.

happy birthday, em & chels! love you!


Brita said...

Looks like such a blast. I'm sorry I missed it.

Nameless said...

You know what's weird? I seem to always have my eyes closed in pictures (thus looking like an Asian man) AND I'm pretty sure I've worn that shirt every single time we go out to eat. I guess that's just my fancy eating shirt.

Love you all.