Wednesday, February 16, 2011

orange lovin'.

my grandparents are the sweetest.
behind their home in arizona, they've got this massive, old orange tree.
and ever since i can remember, i've been in love with those oranges from that tree.
so in love, in fact, that about five years ago, i started to refuse to eat an orange from any other tree.

my grandparents know this about me, and they consequently spoil me so with their love-drenched oranges.
every winter, they send me three or so packages of fresh oranges from their tree, and it always puts the biggest smile on my face.
it is honestly the greatest gift.

i received a big box of oranges last saturday... and my daily orange has been my highlight of the day ever since!
so thank you, to the cutest grandparents around!

p.s. if you haven't experienced this already, go to arizona in the spring (say, around march....) to smell the orange blossoms. i'm telling you, it's somethin' special.

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