Monday, February 14, 2011

wake up.

it appears as if america is a little bit cooler than i once had thought.

arcade fire won the grammy tonight for record of the year.
i only watched about twenty minutes of the show, mostly for background noise, but i was pleasantly surprised/shocked when arcade fire won!

reasons why arcade fire is cool:
-they're from quebec. quebec is cool.
-there's a girl in the band.
-they play good music. lots of it.
-there's a girl in the band (and she's GOOD).
-there's a girl in the band... girl power!

real, beautiful music will reign supreme, someday!

until then, i'll keep listening to obscure bands that only about 1/8th of the population has heard of...

speaking of obscure bands, have you seen the lineups for this and this?!
oh, what i'd give to be in attendance at both...

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