Tuesday, March 1, 2011

you are cordially invited...

so i've recently delved a bit into some design work.
and i'm loving it.
i was lucky enough to design some invitations for a cute couple who is getting married in the next few months.
of course, i changed the names, date, time, location, etc. for their privacy.

but printed on some pearl card stock, these turned out prettty nice.


what do you think?

wedding announcements/invites can be included in any wedding package.
please contact me, if interested!

also, i've got some lovely, custom-designed, vintage thank you notes to share with you soon.
get excited!

{denver, colorado wedding photography}


Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

way cute! I love it!

I think it's great so many people that their reception at the Riverwalk--I didn't even think other people knew about it. We just rent it because we get a massive discount because my grandparents live there. THey are so super cute!

minnie kaileigh said...

i like her name :) i think itd be cute even if on the front of the invitation you had multiple photos of the couple. like one half is the main photo and the two others take up the other side. does that make sense? itd allow more people to see how cute and in love they are :)

minnie kaileigh said...

when i say two others i meant the other half of the invitation be split in two...so there are three photos total.