Thursday, March 31, 2011

iphone photos.

so i'm in the salt lake city airport, and i came across these little gems from my iphone.
admittedly, i had forgotten about a majority of these.
but you have to agree; they're awesome/hilarious.

proof that i did in fact see mr. zuckerberg. yeah, he's up there in that bright, blurry square. yep.

this crazy mars-like engineer lab in the engineer building on campus. just wait till i show you the one with the men in the white suits...

my cute puppy.
a girl exercising in high heels. IN HIGH HEELS. does anyone have a reasonable explanation for this?

lovin' las vegas.

what hidden gems do you come across on your phone?


marlee.patrice said...

stripper work out??

minnie kaileigh said...

haha I can guarantee she is in heels to five her calves more of a workout! heels tone your legs!