Thursday, March 31, 2011

why worry?

i think i have sneezed more times today than i've sneezed in total, in the last year.
and i spent eight months of last year with sinusitis.
i slept over ten hours, and i still fell asleep in a movie i was supposed to be watching for class.
i think it's safe to say that i've caught a cold.

i've caught a cold in one of the few busiest weeks of the semester.
i'm busy with work, busy with school, busy with... life.
BUT i'm already starting to feel better, after one day!
good news.
just a cold with all of this stress? after the past three years, this should be nothing! right?
it will all be okay.

as i've been finishing up some work tonight, i've been listening to some of my favorite jams.
namely, mr. lamontagne.

on a brighter note, i'm heading to arizona tomorrow!
and i've got lots of good things to share.
and i'm floored with all of the kind comments i've been receiving on the rockstar diaries' giveaway. thank you, thank you!

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