Monday, March 28, 2011

mister zuckerberg comes to provo.

mark zuckerberg (yep, the co-founder of facebook) came to byu on friday to speak.
aaaand, it was pretty awesome.
he kept emphasizing the importance of being passionate about what you're doing,
which was really refreshing.
i feel like so many people these days fall into their careers/roles because of secondary incentives, not because they have a love for what they're doing.
but i look at my dad, who is continually inspired by his work, who reads books and learns on the side for his work because he actually likes it. loves it, in fact.
he's never just "going through the motions."
and so i have hope. that i can continue doing what i love, and that more people might do the same.
really, though, isn't it refreshing to see someone who's so obviously happy with their role in life? (whether it be student, accountant, mother, artist, doctor, teacher, etc.)

i think mr. zuckerberg summed it up when he said,
"people don't get put in roles, they create them for themselves."

do what you love.
love what you do.

on a more humorous note: what is mark going to do with ten sweatshirts from various utah colleges?
i'm sure he appreciated the gesture, but...really?
*image via newspapergrl.

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