Sunday, March 27, 2011

i love love.

it's days like today that make me remember why i feel so lucky to be a photographer.
and to have the opportunity to shoot weddings.
i am so fortunate to be doing something that i'm passionate about.
and to work with such kind people.
sometimes, i forget that the bride, groom, and family i'm working with aren't my best friends.
seriously, it's that fun to be with my clients.
i love capturing all of the happy, quiet little moments,
as well as the exuberant and silly moments.
i love taking pictures of the delicious-looking food (and wishing i could eat it),
and laughing with the fun families.
when it comes down to it, i really just enjoy seeing our capacity as humans to love.
o tilby9
i love love.

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Lauri said...

I Love love too! Over 30 years in Love with my guy... Love your pics and your post...sweet Anna.