Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring break dreams.

sometimes, i just want to take a spring break from my own life.
this week has been exceptionally hard.
the hardest of the semester... even more difficult than those gloomy weeks of tonsillectomy recovery.
and that's saying something.
it's right about now that i just want to escape from everything.
to take a break and fly off to my paradise with my family.
to take a hiatus (i wouldn't be opposed to a year-long hiatus...) to costa rica.

but i also know the importance of hard work.
how after that awful, terribly stressful and emotional week is over,
life will carry on.
and i will be happy.
the hard weeks teach us to appreciate the good.
and are crucial in accomplishing goals.

but maybe, just for a few minutes this weekend, i'll pretend i'm in costa rica, listening to this and this.
and all will be well.

i hope that you have a relaxing weekend.

*photo of tamarindo, costa rica. august 2010.

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