Monday, May 9, 2011

kebabin' it.

though the spanish food isn't my favorite thing in the world,
i've lucked out in finding a nice plate of meat that really does suit my fancy.
i'd never tried kebabs (not to be confused with a shish kebab) before this past week, and i'm thinking i lived 20-something years in a little bit of misery without them.
okay, i'm just being dramatic... but i really do like them.
even if i can't have the actual sandwich-kebab, i love my plate of roasted chicken and salad.
and my company hasn't been too shabby, either!
moral of the story: go try a kebab. you might even become the most beautiful girl in the room.
one of these days, i'll be posting something a bit more substantial again.
get excited!

p.s. isn't my roommate gorgeous?
you can meet my other cool kebab amigos here, here, here, and here.
p.p.s. i ate salmon today. and i didn't completely hate it.
maybe i'm finally growing up?

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