Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the sun shines on madrid.

since el 2 de mayo is a holiday in spain, we had a much-needed day off from school.
okay, who am i kidding? we've been to school once.
but having the day off was still quite delightful.
we slept in a little and then headed out to madrid for the afternoon.

we first headed to el plaza mayor, where we encountered some of our amigos.
and about 15 pooh bears.

after some snacking and picture taking, we decided it would be a perfect day to see a bull fight.
but alas, the only bull fight was five hours later.
so what did we do? point at things and look like tourists. duh.

we then proceeded to find "the central park of madrid"... el parque de retiro.
it has quickly become one of my favorite places on earth. it's massive and floral-y and has a lake in it. and ice cream. what could be better?

what made the park even more awesome was running into this...

and then we found a turtle. and my day was made complete.

the rest of the evening was filled with fhe at profe's house and churros con chocolate in the street.
and then we ate somewhat americanized pasta. hallelujah!

me encanta madrid.


Whitney said...

i love this! so glad we are friends! can't wait for our next excursion to madrid!

minnie kaileigh said...

oh my goodness were you just so happy you found that cute little turtle!! your pictures are so fabulous annie. you really are sucham inspiring person. i love you!