Saturday, June 4, 2011

back in black (lung).

this is what happens when 3o-something college students go a liiittle too long without consistent internet service:

we've been traveling outside of madrid basically every four days and often run out of internet opportunities in our various hotels.
thus... my posts for the past four days have been almost completely irrelevant (and pre-scheduled) to my most recent adventures...

in barcelona.

this weekend flew by. unfortunately, all of this fun has finally caught up to me, and i've come down with a nasty bug, so i don't think i loved barcelona quite as much as i might've otherwise. when i wasn't searching for any open bench to rest on or avoiding all (of the many) pickpocket situations, i really enjoyed this beautiful city.

i did get to snatch some great photos (get excited!) and have a few crazy stories from my four days on the metropolitan mediterranean coast, but it's time to descansar for the evening.

so i'll leave you with this little gem, to perk your interest about the city...
i like to call this one "indian gypsy dog whisperer with a british accent and flute."
you betcha.

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Lauren & Dan said...

indian gypsy dog whisperer with a british accent and flute.
love it