Sunday, June 5, 2011

beachin' it.

there is something so calming about the ocean (or in this case, sea).
after a long day of touring museums in barcelona, i was about ready to sleep for 8372 years.
but, we made a great decision and headed to the beach for a bit.
we met up with some friends from our group, avoided the nude-y hombre pondering life (while giggling incessantly, like eight-year olds, mind you), snapped some photos, & simply relaxed.
deeefinitely reenergizing.

though my illness tainted my view of barcelona,
i realized that the fact that you can take a metro right to the beach makes it infinitely cooler.
and i'm thinking i'll need to go back... when i'm not so sicky.
care to join me?


also, contrary to what the fourth image displays, i am not seven months pregnant. i just chose an extremely flattering pose... you'd think i'm a photographer or something?

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