Tuesday, June 28, 2011

from paris, with love.


every time i mentioned to anyone that i was heading to paris, they told me the same things:
it's hot. the people aren't the nicest. it's expensive. there is trash everywhere. it's smelly. you'll love it.
and, they were absolutely correct.
will and i arrived in paris this afternoon, and i've already got a love/hate relationship with this city.
it is phenomenally beautiful--architecture and styling unlike any other and entirely french.
though it's an enormous city, it manages to feel fairly quaint.
i understand why it's the city of love.

that being said, we had our day's worth of mishaps... and found out paris is indeed hot, smelly, and expensive.
we've already spent more than we spent in two weeks' time in spain.
let me explain: transportation is dang expensive here, and the french waiters trick you into buying 8.50 euro cokes...
we went to a fairly decently-priced restaurant for dinner, thinking the water/soda would be the usually-over-priced amount of 3 euro. we were mortified when we received our check, and immediately found a grocery store to buy our own beverages.
at least my french omelet was good.

also, it was excruciatingly hot today.
everyone in the metro was bathing in sweat (imagine the stench), and the heat did a number on my yellow (real) leather purse. the dye melted right on to my dress!

let's hope that tomorrow brings nothing but love?

trying to continue to get myself in the french mood, i've been humming my favorite french-inspired songs to myself, alll day long.

have you ever been to paris?
do you have any good recommendations/stories? i'd love to get another perspective or two!


Anna Fabian said...
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Anonymous said...

Go to a restaurant called Trafalga. It is on a Rue very close to Tour Eiffel- great cuisine!

Steve Duskett said...

Fantastic pictures cuz! Keep it up! : )