Tuesday, June 28, 2011

some things never change...


one time, i went to barcelona and ate (awesome) barca-branded chips for lunch.
this other time, i went to paris and ate popcorn and peanut m&ms for dinner.

looking forward to (thursday) when i can eat kebabs again...
and (saturday) when i can make myself allll of the mexican food i want.
i'm excited to re-introduce my body to the other 5 sections of the food pyramid.

until then, i'll keep loving my european adventures (even if my stomach isn't so pumped 100% of the time).

post script: isn't it awesome how the football team has it's own brand of chips? they make real madrid ones, too... and i may or may not have purchased some for my dad for fathers' day. ohh spain.

thanks to mpc for the (not-so candid) photo.

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