Tuesday, July 19, 2011


a few little gems i found on my phone... a fair representation of how i've been spending my time, as of late.
one: chemistry books. who would've thought taking a final in the summertime is 0.938% fun? i'm still trying to figure out those oxidation-reduction reactions and lattice energy and am accepting help from any interested parties. payment will be delivered in oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies! any takers?
two: dr.'s office goodies. maybe it's a sign i should stop seeing a pediatrician? too bad my pediatrician is one of the two best docs i've ever seen... at this rate, i'll be seeing her until i'm eighty-two. and i'm okay with it.
three: post-wedding shoot, 21st birthday celebration in orange county with my faj at midnight. most people celebrate their 21st at midnight with their first legal shot (or so i hear)... i celebrated with the goodness of in-n-out! aww yeah.
four: sneaky planner additions. my first day home, i stumbled across my planner, which had been commandeered by my "little," 17-year-old brother. he just might've added to the list of everyday tasks "make brownies for my wonderful brother" and "do yoga with my good-looking brother." ohh, benny... you make me laugh.

sometimes, all life consists of is homework, hamburgers, doctor's appointments, and little brothers. and do you know what? even that stuff makes life great.

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