Tuesday, July 19, 2011

style shoot, part two.

remember this and this? welp, you guessed it... it's time to unveil a bit more of my spanish fashion sesh!
today i'm showing you darling devski's photos. not only is she hilarious/the nicest girl you'll meet, she is so stylish and seriously beautiful. and a natural model. by the end of the day, we were all begging her to try out for america's next top model!
and after you look at the photos, i dare you to tell me you don't agree!
oh, and isn't the braided headband the coolest look? audi did an amazing job with her hair.

hair & makeup: audriana turley
blouse: h&m
jeggings: the gap
heels: botique de calle mayor
accessories: self
styling: devaun sheppard

all images ® anna gleave photography 2011.


Courtney B said...

LOOOVE the hair!!!
You are so talented at photography!!

rebecca said...

what a beautiful series of photos.