Friday, July 1, 2011

el fin.

so, i've reached another crossroads in my life.
tonight marks the last night i'll spend in europe on this grand adventure.
it's a little bit surreal to think about going back to "real" life after this. sometimes, i can't even remember that i actually had a life before this-- that's how long it feels like i've been here.
but at the same time, i feel like i've been here for no time at all.
it feels like it was two weeks ago that i packed up my bags and arrived here in alcalá.
time is a funny thing.

i am so grateful for this incredible experience i have had.
in a lot of ways, i feel like a changed person.
my eyes have been opened to new cultures, perspectives, and ideas.
i've learned a lot.
i have made some new best friends.
and i've missed some old friends.
i've been reminded, again, the importance of familia,
and have been continually reminded of the beauty of god's good earth.
i have tasted new foods, heard new languages, and have worked toward mastering a language that i love.
and i've gotten the chance to take so many pictures--
thousands, and thousands of beautiful pictures.
and i have learned a little bit more about myself.

this being said,
i am ready to get some normality back in my life.
i'm ready to be with my family again, to eat a bit less ice cream, and to sleep in my own bed.
i just hope to keep remembering my new perspective and to relish in my spanish memories...
though i'm sure the latter will be no problem whatsoever!

but if you've been enjoying my european travels, don't worry... i have many more pictures and stories to share!
there just might be more real-life stuff in my future...
life can't always be only fun and games, you know.
well, maybe in spain.

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