Sunday, July 3, 2011

mountains beyond mountains.

well, i'm back in the big co.
and reallly, really happy about it.
but i am already planning my next adventure...

let me explain.
i am kind of interested in health.
extremely interested in health, in fact.
i know this might seem strange, given my past (seemingly never-ending) run-ins with personal health problems, but these problems actually have inspired me in a lot of ways. i want to work in medicine, in providing health care to the sick... to those who don't always get the proper education and care due to unfortunate living circumstances or social statuses. i know how disheartening it is to live with chronic illness; i only can't imagine what it would be like to live with chronic illness in a place where good health care wasn't available.

after reading this book, my desire to work in global health was only strengthened:
this is a biography of paul farmer, a public health worker, anthropologist, & physician.
he changed the world of public health globally, as well as the world of many sickly individuals around the world.
his story is truly captivating & motivating.

seriously, though.
want inspiration? read this book.


Emily Ae-hui DeKam said...

seriously, i just might read this book. :)

Taylor Ann said...

What part of Colorado are you from? I love your cute blog and your photography!

Unknown said...

thanks so much! i'm from littleton... right outside denver :)