Friday, July 15, 2011

it's a potter party.

yes, it's three minutes to midnight on all potter's eve here in the states.
meaning, the new harry potter movie will be out... in three minutes.
and i'd say 96.43% of kids 13-26 are at the theaters right now, (79.3% of which are dressed as their favorite potter character).
i... am not. instead, i'll share with you this nerdy little gem that my brothers and i have been a fan of for some time now.
good thing hp nerdiness is now acceptable...

for more of harry & the potters' delightful tunes, click here.

for those of you who saw the movie; how was it?

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kylee said...

nerd alert. i'm obsessed with hp and i know it. the movie? sooo good. see it soon. i beg you. if you're an avid reader and love the books you may just cry. or maybe that's just me. i'm baby when it comes to stuff like this. part one was better, but part two was still great!