Friday, July 15, 2011

sweet salamanca.

did i tell you about that one time i lived in spain?
well, i've been feeling awfully homesick for it lately (i know, i know... it's only been two weeks), so i thought i'd share another little snippet of spain-y goodness with you.


salamanca is an old city in central-western spain, famous for its architecture, its plaza, and its university.
and let me tell you, it's famous for a reason.
we spent a weekend in salamanca, touring the old university (fourth oldest in the world), climbing the tower up to the cathedral to view the cityscape, and explored the town at night.

nighttime in salamanca is something reallly special. the plaza and a lot of the buildings are lit up at night, which really gives the city a magical feel. we ran into a lot of college students... including a man dressed as a cow who insisted on singing happy birthday to natalie (no, it wasn't her birthday).
we finished the night off with some helado and a trip to the local discoteca for some dancing.
dancing in spain > dancing in provo.
it was easily one of the best nights we celebrated in españa. easily.
sorry the video was cut waaay prematurely. told you i'm no good at this video stuff.
also in salamanca, there's a legend that if you can find the frog and skull on one of the university buildings, you'll return to salamanca.
good thing we spotted it!

*thanks to cute nat for the last picture. everyone needs a good group shot!

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Whitney said...

i am all for returning right now.
pack your bags.