Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wedding tip #1.

so, i often get asked for advice concerning wedding planning and photography-- everyone wants to know what photographs best.
and thus, i've decided to start a weekly (ish) column about wedding/portrait tips.
and i'm starting with something incredibly important... the wedding dress.


your dress will be in eighty percent of your wedding photos, so picking out the perfect one is extremely important!
and when i say the perfect dress, that comes with a lot of implications.
your dress not only needs to catch your eye and steal your heart as "the" dress, it needs to photograph well.
before you make your final decision, check yourself out at EVERY possible angle in front of the mirror. dance around a bit, hug your mom, crouch over... you never know what situations you'll find yourself in on your wedding day. and sometimes, even if a dress looks great just standing up straight, it might pull weird or overall look not-so-great in those precious, candid photos.
if your bridal store allows it, take several photos from all different angles to see what your dress will look like on film.

another important aspect of the dress: the sleeves.
if at all possible, stay away from the cap sleeve. i know this is tough to do, but if you're getting your dress altered anyway, maybe see what a mid-upper-arm sleeve or 3/4 sleeve would look like. i'm speaking in general terms here, but i'd say that oft times, a little bit more sleeve is a lot more flattering and can still look elegant, classic, and beautiful.
if you decide to go with the cap sleeve, though, more power to ya!
work out those triceps, and wear your dress with confidence!

sometimes, less is more.
i know it's difficult because there are so many pretty accessories out there, but try to balance it out and keep it elegant. keep in mind the "built in" accessories on your dress... the beading, lace, & veil. i love it when a bride has beautiful jewelry that i can show off; too much jewelry can just get overwhelming.

keep it classy.
i loove it when my brides come with funky shoes and fun ideas. just make sure that you get a nice mixture of photos... some that are trendy and fun, some for grandma, and some that will be timeless. trends come and go, so it's important to take advantage of the cool trends of the time but also keep in mind what will/will not look good thirty years down the road.
want to rock some converse? vans? toms? i've seen all of this been done, and i love it. but i'd recommend getting some shots done in some more traditional shoes, as well... so you've got some more traditionally-classic options a few years in the future.

this being said, i've had the privilege to attend so many lovely weddings and to work with beautiful brides. and i've found, the best photos come from the happiest brides, no matter how they're dressed.
there's nothing like the glow of a happy newlywed!
so don't sweat the small stuff, relish every moment of your wedding day, & SMILE!

questions? comments? what do you think looks best in wedding photos?

stay tuned for more photography advice!

photos ® anna gleave photography 2010-2011.

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Joscelyn Gleave said...

awesome idea with the tips! they were very insightful