Tuesday, July 26, 2011

new sponsor!

for those of you who know me well, you know how much i love a good dress.
i love how dresses make a statement, how they're so comfortable, and how they're a whole outfit in one piece!
and one of my favorite places to buy dresses is shabby apple.
the geniuses over there come up with gorgeous design after gorgeous design.
i admit- i have purchased five of these bad boys, and i love every single one of them.
i probably get more compliments on my shabby apple clothing than i do on any other pieces i wear!
they're all so flattering, and the styling guides on the website really help you pick out the right size/type of dress for your body.
AND! shabby apple donates 5% of their net dress sales to help women worldwide. you know i'm all about that!
i've worn my shabby apple dresses all around europe (here & here), to church, to the symphony (here), & to parties.
and even more good news; shabby apple has come out with beautiful, slightly-vintage lines of skirts, swimsuits, & accessories.
i'm thiiis close to purchasing this pretty little thing, and am drooling over this and this.

so, if you can't already tell, i'm kind of in love with this brand. so imagine my surprise when i received a sponsorship inquiry from shabby apple this morning!
they're having a 20% off everything sale & free shipping this week only, so click on the link (to the right), and splurge a little! i promise; you won't be sorry!

post script: in case you're worried, this is not turning into one of those "taking pictures of myself every day" fashion blogs. i felt weird enough posting this one photo of myself in one of my shabby dresses! photo cred goes to my darling mother.


Anonymous said...

Love the dress! Love the girl!! You look beautiful!!


Megan said...

Haha I know what you mean about the "everyday new photo of yourself"- but you look absolutely adorable in it! Maybe I'll give in and get one too :)

Taylor Ann said...

I LOVE that dress. My sister wore it when she graduated from BYU in spring!

Anonymous said...

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