Thursday, July 28, 2011

weddings with elise!

so when i was thinking about who i could ask to blog for me while i was studying like crazy this week, the perfect person instantly came to mind! my talented, cuban best friend... duh! elise is one of the kindest, happiest people i know. she is always smiling and encouraging and tons of fun-- what better combination is there?! she has worked a fair amount in the wedding industry, focusing on planning, so i asked her to give some wedding planning advice for you today! you can check out her beautiful blog here. take it away, elise...

There is that blissful moment when a bride is proposed to, it lasts about a day and then the wedding planning anxiety kicks in. I would like to say that hiring a wedding planner IS worth it. I have worked with a few and you will not believe how much stress gets lifted off the bride’s shoulders. Plus, if you find a planner just starting out, you will save a lot of money. Although popular belief may say that a wedding costs a fortune, there are definitely some tricks out there that help you save money, and keep the environment happy! Luckily, the two really go hand in hand. Because they seem to really put a damper in a wedding budget, I will be concentrating on gowns and flowers.

Let’s start with the dress. I am an avid “Say Yes To The Dress” watcher and sometimes I just have to laugh when I see those girls spending over 10,000 dollars on a dress. I understand that the dress is something most girls want to spend more on because they want to look flawless but trust me when I tell you that there are ways to still get the dress of your dreams and not burn a hole in your wallet.

For those eco-chic ladies out there, you should check out If you look, there are reused wedding dresses up to 75 percent off. What’s really cool is that these ladies who started this business actually have shops in certain states (including beautiful CO) where you can try on the dress to make sure it fits right. You can even put a list of dresses that you like together and set up a consultation and they will have all those dresses ready for you when you come in. And the BEST part? “At The Green Bride we are committed to leaving a smaller carbon footprint as you purchase your wedding dress with us. Don’t forget, as you buy with us part of our proceeds go to DALIT FREEDOM NETWORK. Find out more about Dalit Freedom Network at their website below: As you walk down the aisle you help a little girl walk out of a life of slavery and prostitution”!I


This pretty dress above is all lace (my personal favorite) and is 350 bucks… you read that right. You save nearly 75 percent!

I realize that this may be a little too far for some of you- if you don’t have a desire to wear a strangers’ gown, what about a family member? I was against the idea for a while, and then I realized that tailors are in our lives for a reason. For example- I watched a bride transform her mother’s long-sleeve lace ball gown dress to a sweetheart neckline, lace ball gown dress. If you choose to go the “brand new” route, make sure do to your research of what you like, and never try on a gown you can’t afford. You will be stuck in a rut if you put on something way out of your budget, because the chances of finding something like it but cheaper are unfortunately slim to none. There are millions of options for a dress, but really only one will feel perfect on you. I want to also add that there is a dress that will flatter anyone, don’t be shy to ask a consultant!

FLOWERS. I have to admit, flowers are my weakness, I could easily go overboard on them. Firstly, SUPPORT LOCAL FLORISTS. You will not believe the deals you get when you shop local and when you help your neighbor. In a way it’s like buying organic- your flowers will smell better, last longer and you won’t need to worry about any sort of pesticides. Also, a big money saver is buying flowers that are in season! For us Coloradans, summer is the prime time to have your wedding if you want the best flower selection. Obviously, the more humid places get a better selection any time. Like your dress, do your research when it comes to flowers. See what is in season and for how long. Also, see how much delivery costs- since a lot of the big places don’t really deliver for free. To be honest, it may be worth it to have your handy dandy wedding planner pick them up for you (no delivery cost!)I heard from a recent bride too that she got her flowers from a local grocer (Sunflower Market) and she saved over 500 dollars AND they delivered them for her. On the day of, reuse your flowers! After your ceremony and pictures, be sure to use the big (and small) bouquets for table decor!

I cannot even begin to tell you how important both your dress and your flowers are on your wedding. People WILL remember you walking down the aisle and people WILL remember decorations. The basis of your decor WILL be your flowers. There are always ways to significantly lower the price of any part of your wedding. This can also be where a wedding planner comes in handy, we look for those deals so you don’t need to worry. We are there to not only make your day perfect, but to also make the planning and breeze and stress free!

Alright, here is what I am LOVING right now!







Common themes include: roses, bright color schemes, nautical and hand crafted :)

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