Monday, July 25, 2011

summer, epitomized.

sometimes, my aunt/uncle/cousins come to town from the weekend.
and we hit up the lake on a saturday afternoon.
and the sun shines and shines and shines for us.
and the water is the perfect, cool temperature.
and we don't stop playing for hours.


Devaun said...

yay i love these pictures. i want 2 go 2 the lake with you.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Where did you go to the lake? Ah I so need to get out to the lake on a boat...but I don't have any boat friends here in Fort Collins haha. It sucks!!!

And I'm so glad you found my blog through a guest post because I love meeting Coloradoans haha :)

Oh and thanks for your hair advice! I went w/the ombre (don't ask me how it happened ha)! Well, the hairstylist kept saying she is super confident and so I did it!!!

Ashley Sloan

kylee said...

now that is what i call a perfect saturday.