Saturday, July 23, 2011

the 21st year.

my twenty-first birthday weekend was the best i could've asked for.
after my wedding shoot in LA, my parents and brothers flew into orange county to meet me for the rest of the weekend.
and we celebrated the beginning of my 21st year of life in the best possible manner...
at disneyland!
we lucked out with a gorgeous day, and the park wasn't even too terribly crowded.
we re-lived all of our childhood disney memories (hence the riverboat tour and shooting arcade for my dad), got drenched on splash mountain, treated ourselves to looots of goodies, got spooked in the haunted mansion, and watched some birthday fireworks.
my family is the best. ever.
oh, and disneyland isn't too bad, either!
bring it on, twenty-one!

post script: will loves mr. toad's wild ride? is there anyone else in the world who loves this ride? still trying to figure this one out...


Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

Cortney (Burrows) Burns loves Mr. Toad's as well, at least she did a few years ago. She told me to go on it before I went back in 2008 because it was so great. Not so great. Just kind of weird. haha. So jealous you are in Disneyland though; I practically beg Forrest on a regular basis to take me there hehe

Whitney said...


brooke field said...

Happy birthday! I love Disneyland.

Lita said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun! Thank you for checking out my blog! I'm also in awe of your photography! I love taking pictures and want to take some photography lessons. Do you go to BYU or BYU-I? Your blog is super-duper cute :)

kylee said...

you lived one of my dreams. disneyland on my birthday! gosh i bet it was so fun! looking at these pictures is almost weird, i'm in disneyland right now! well not this very second but i am this week! best vaca spot ever.

Unknown said...

thanks so much for the happy birthdays! i'm glad i found some other souls who like mr. toad's wild ride (glad will isn't alone!)

ashley michelle- thanks so much; glad you like my work! i go to byu provo.. you should definitely take some photography lessons if you get a chance!

kylie- jealous you're at disney right now! enjoy it for me (and go next year on your birthday... it's worth it!)