Saturday, July 23, 2011

french love affair.

i always told myself it could never happen to me.
but... it happened. on my last day in paris, i found myself in a brief, fleeting, and oh-so-romantic love affair.
it was better than anything i could've ever imagined.
it truly was love at first sight. i had never experienced something so perfect, so sublime, and so intoxicating.
i was in heaven for those few moments...
and then, it was gone.
for those of you who have tried a magnum bar, you know of its perfection.
well, picture a magnum bar, blended together with french ice cream and lots and lots of chocolate, and you've got... the magnum mcflurry.
if i had lived in france this whole summer, i would have eaten one of these every day.
aaaand i would've weighed 308 pounds by the end of my stay.

would it have been worth it?
you tell me.

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Emily Ae-hui DeKam said...

whaaat?!? how did i miss THAT in france? that looks absolutely incredible.