Friday, July 22, 2011

wedding tip #2: teeth and tans.

what is one of the first things looked at in any photograph?
your smile, of course!
so, one of my greatest recommendations when it comes to wedding photography is to make sure your smile is looking top-notch on your big day!
i'm not big into over-whitening teeth... sometimes too much really is too much. but i think that a little sprucing up now and then in the whitening department really does wonders.
i know what you're thinking... indeed, photoshop can fix yellow teeth. but it's pretty tough to make a photoshopped smile look as naturally beautiful as your real-life smile (i know this may not make 100% sense, since i'm supporting a little bit of teeth whitening/bleaching... but believe me, this kind of whitening looks better than computer-generated whitening. it just does.)
plus, you'll have all of your great aunts and second cousins twice-removed wanting to take photos with you with their point & shoots at your reception... and you want your smile looking great in those photos too, right?
long story short(er)... bust out your whitening toothpaste, try out a few crest whitening strips, do whatever's necessary-- just make sure you and your love's teeth are ready for lots and lots of photos (and hopefully smiles!) on your wedding day.

second matter of business-- the tan.
i know that everyone wants to look sunkissed in their wedding dress, but i do have to caution you all a bit on this one.
don't get me wrong, i love a good tan and personally think i myself look better tanned. i just also know how easy it is to overdo the tanned look.
a little color is gorgeous with the white of a wedding dress... it really is. i've just seen one too many brides (fortunately haven't had to shoot any) who spent a little too much time in the tanning salon... a little too close to their wedding date.
so if you decide to go with the tanned look on your wedding day, just make sure that it's the real sun kissing your skin, not the fake UV rays of a salon.
plus, you'll be doing yourself a favor by protecting yourself from skin cancer (i could go on and on about this one, but i'll stick to the wedding tip for today. public health tips will have to wait!)
when brides fake tan or over-tan for their wedding day, it's hard to get the colors of the images looking natural and appropriate. filters have to be shifted during the color-processing stage of editing, so sometimes background colors have to be muted/saturated to make up for the odd-looking skin tones.
okay, getting too technical here... moral of the story, i like a little tan. just keep it real.
also! just for a little reference... naturally-fairer skinned brides tend to look better in off-white/cream/ivory dresses, while darker-skinned brides look better in white. just something to keep in mind...

thoughts? questions?
i want to hear 'em!

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Linda said...

Great tips. I agree 100%! My sister's wedding is next year so I'm excited I found your blog. Beautiful photos along with great content. :)