Tuesday, August 23, 2011

mercado en madrid.

the longer i am here in the united states, the more i dream about my days in europe.
funny how that works, huh?
while reminiscing about mi amor, españa, i came across some photos from an adventure in madrid.
one evening, after visiting the palacio real and trying to stay out of the rain, we stumbled upon the coolest little mercado right in the heart of madrid.
it was much different than the market in valencia... this market was modern & posh.
i felt so out of place in my toms and tee shirt... everyone there was dressed in blazers and heels, sipping on wine and munching on tapas and desserts.
we didn't end up buying anything (posh=expensive), but we enjoyed people watching and gazing at the many, mouth-watering food options.
why we were never actually fed food that looked like this (you know how i feel about spanish food-- not my thing)... the world may never know.

post script: aren't those gingerbread men darling? i kind of wanted to snatch them all up... gluten-filled and everything.


marlee.patrice said...

I've alllways wanted to try macaroons that look like that. but no.
they just look so fancy. haha

his little lady said...

umm, this looks delicious! i think i'm going to have to go eat something stat! ha


brooke field said...

mmm all looks delish!